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Shop Krown

Khia – Shop Krown

Today we feature Khia and a store that we fell in love with… on none other that Instagram! Khia’s godmother Aubrey Oday had a crown from shop krown that she wore on a vacay this summer! Once we caught the shopkrown bug we were hooked. These crowns are unique and unlike any other head crowns we have seen before.  The krowns are hand designed by the kreator and killer beauty Kaylen. Kaylen started this business venture from a freelance job that blossomed into fabulous business.  You can visit the Shop Krown store on fashion island in Newport Beach, CA or click over to her website to learn more!



The Kueen herself Kaylen @shopkrown

 The crown Khia is wearing is called the Shera Crown! Tiffany was looking for a hairstyle to feature the headpiece and got some fabulous inspiration from oh ya know.. Amy Winehouse! Amy may have been a mess but her signature hair is super fun and went well with the headpiece. Khia paired the headpiece with a unique dress and vest from LA fashion district. We’re So Fancy loves accessories so Khia has accessorized her look today with a bead bracelet from Nordstrom and a chest necklace from Charming Charlies.


Shera Krown


Hair Inspiration for Today’s Look


Khia the Kueen @khialopez


AHHMMAAZING! Khia @khialopez

Outfit Details:

Headpiece: Shera Krown from www.shopkrown.com

Dress: Gold dress from LA fashion district

Vest: Fringe vest from LA fashion district

Beaded Bracelet: http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/accessories 

Chest Necklace: Charming Charlies http://www.charmingcharlie.com/

XOXO Vandy & Terrah

Khia & Tiffany 

PS: Comment if you would like us to do a tutorial on the Amy Winehouse hair-do!