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 Vandy & Khia get a lot of DM’s on instagram about how to become a brand rep. We thought we would do a blog on  becoming a brand rep by sharing our experiences being brand reps, what that includes and what is required to become a brand rep yourself.  We hope this post will give some tips and guidelines for moms and tweens.

First things first:  A lot of people assume that to be a brand rep you must be drop dead gorgeous but that is not the truth…. what you do have to have is great pictures and a great styling ability. For mothers if your tween is showing interest in becoming a brand rep you can help her by styling outfits and taking the photos.  It is a lot of work and not necessarily something that a tween can do on their own.


How we started: To be honest the entire We’re So Fancy blog was created on the foundation of brand repping. Khia was the first to become a brand rep for the tween shop The Weekend Wardrobe, which led to other opportunities with Wild Rich Kids and Cool Kids Brooklyn. Both girls were then asked to brand rep for Moderne Child as well as a few other shops.

So where to start:  Start building your instagram portfolio with fashion images and styling inspirations. Try and create looks that will attract the shops you are interested in working with. We have noticed many tweens have maybe 10 pictures on their feed and that will not attract shop owners! Think of instagram and your resume/portfolio. The shops wants to see your experience and the many looks you can achieve.  You also want to build a following! Shops are wanting to collaborate with models who have a following of potential buyers! It is really about business and sales! Once you have a built a quality feed than reach out to shop owners and begin entering brand/rep searches!

Last but not least:  Remember it may take time. Brand repping is saturated and there are many many tweens and kids looking to become brand reps. You may not have the look one shop is looking for but have the look another shop IS looking for! Don’t give up!

We hope that this post will answer some questions for moms and tweens!  If you dream of modeling and have a passion for fashion, instagram brand repping is a great place to start!

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