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Boys? I Prefer Ice Cream

Boys? I Prefer Ice Cream!!!

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Boys? I prefer Ice Cream!!!

Boys? or Ice Cream? That is the question!!!! This posts content is geared a little more towards Tween Moms!!!! So lets begin shall we….  Not sure if anyone else is experiencing boy drama at this point but sheesh if this is what we have to look forward too I would like to resign! haha just kidding but I don’t remember ever having so many boy issues at this age so I am a little surprised. These tweens are boy crazy!! For Real and no offense to boys but they seem to be as much at fault as these girls… lol! Like I said…  DRAMA?

Another thing…. the word “dating” is the word they are choosing to use 🙂  I clarify on a regular basis that there is no dating going on here! When did they ever go on a date? ummmm NEVER! Vandy and Khia go to the same school so they have the same friends and the same boys that they supposedly date which means they have all dated their friends boyfriends… time to laugh out loud!

We continue to pressure that there will be “no dating” until the age of 16 but didn’t except it would be so soon! We would love to hear from all you other fancy moms if you are dealing with this issue and any tips you may have too:)

Outfit Details:

 Muscle tank, coral bracelet/headband, fringe purse and denim hat: Toda Moda, Coral under tank: Target, Fringe moccasin ankle boots: H&M, Sunglasses: Cool Kids Brooklyn

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