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Fancy Unicorns

Fancy Unicorns

fancy unicorns

Tween fashion

tween halloween costumes



Vandy JaidennTween halloween costumes


Vandy Jaidenn


Unicorn halloween costumes


Khia Lopez and Vandty Jaidenn

This year was a different experience! Usually Khia and Vandy both dress up in a themed costumes with their siblings. But for middle school that would be a bit weird  and of course they wanted to do something with their friends! Allllllll of their friends!!! The costumes were a hit and they were definantley some fancy unicorns:)


Terrah, Tiffany, Vandy and Khia

Khia’s Outfit Details: Bodysuit purchased  at Jet.com and then custom fitted by Khia’s Nana. Fur boot covers and fairy wings that were redesigned and made by Tiffany Khia’s mom are from Halloween Gear.  Wig purchased at Dollluxe.com Headdress by @whatabettydesigner

Vandy’s Outfit Details: Bodysuit purchased at Discountdance.com, wig purchased at Dolluxe.com. Wings and Horn made at Panda Kitty Studios. Fur boot covers purchased from Raveready.com