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Kenmark Get’s Real

Kenmark Get's Real - Vandy and khia modeling glasses from Kensie Girl

Khia and Vandy

Kenmark Get's Real - Vandy Jaidenn

Vandy Jaidenn Kenmark Get's Real

Khia Lopez and Vandy Jaidenn model glasses for Kenmark Get's Real


Kenmark Get’s Real

    Khia and Vandy are super excited to collaborate with Kenmark Eyewear! They are now considered official influencers for the brands new influencer campaign #kenmarkgetsreal. They will keep you informed about all of the Spring trends and Fall trends to come!

You know Eyeglass fashion trends have been taking over the runways and blogger faces all around. Glasses are a fun way to spice up a look whether its for necessity or a style statement. Vandy and Khia enjoyed going through the Spring options of Kensie Girl Eyewear. Each pair was the perfect style for their adorable faces! They tried to create two styles for you to go with with the Spring collection. The first was a funky fun look with brighter colors which matched their purple and blue glasses in the Bloom & Daring style from Kensie Girl. The second look was a little more sophisticated look but still fun and fitting to each of their personal styles.  For this look they both wore different colors in the Glamour style by Kensie Girl.  To get your geek on and look trendy click on the links below! Be sure to tag @kenmarkeyewear and hashtag #kenmarkgetsreal to be part of this awesome campaign!

Khia’s Favorite Styles – Kensie Girl Eyewear 

Glamour & Daring

Vandy’s Favorite Styles – Kensie Girl Eyewear

Glamour & Bloom 

Can’t wait to share what is coming this fall from Kenmark Get’s Real! Stay Tuned!


Khia and Vandy