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silly girls wear Snap't NYC snap't bracelets snap't accessories snap't yin yang and feathers snap't NYC accessories for Tweens worn by Vandy, Khia and Trista

Every girl loves accessories  are we right???  Well Snap’t! Vandy, Khia and Trista got the opportunity to work with one of the hottest new accessory lines for girls and tweens. Snap’t NYC is a snap system that allows girls to express their creative side! You can snap and layer pom poms, feathers and tassels with cute snap’t buttons on your necklace, bracelets or key chains! Vandy wore two bracelets with a tassel along with a snap’t “omg” button and a broken heart button. Khia layered her ying yang snap with a feather necklace and Trista layered the newest snapt piece the pom poms with a cupcake snap’t button! There are so many ways to get creative and move the pieces around to match your outfit. Can’t wait to collect them all! You can start your collection HERE!  Be sure to hashtag #snaptnyc to possibly get featured on our instagram page!!!!



Vandy, Khia and Trista!